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Botuobinskaya diamond mine, the tenth biggest diamond mine in the world, is located in the Nakyn kimberlite field, around 200km north-west of Nyurba in the Yakutia region of Russia. The mine extracts from the Botuobinskaya pipe, which contains 70.9Mct of JORC-compliant diamond reserves (13.839Mt grading 5.13ct/t diamond). The mine is owned and operated by Nyurba mining and processing division of Alrosa. Alrosa’s Nyurba division has been mining the Nyurbinskaya pipe three kilometres away from the Botuobinskaya pipe since 2000. The JORC reserve of Nyurbinskaya (Nyurba) open-pit mine was estimated at 40.394Mct as of July 2013. Nyurba mine produced 7.955Mct of diamond in 2012. Striping operations at the Botuobinskaya pipe began in December 2012. The Botuobinskaya mine is expected to produce 1.5Mct of diamonds annually for more than 40 years from the start of operations - Mining Technology.

To visit the mine in Google earth, click on the link below:


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