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Open Pit or Underground

It's always essential to ensure that your equipment fleet and road network can actually support the mining schedule in terms of delivering the required tonnes. With RPMGlobal's 3-D Discrete Event Simulation (DES) engine, at its core, HAULSIM is the only mining simulation software that can quantify the impact of changes as the models reflect the complex and dynamic nature of a mine site in its entirety; including the variability, interactions and dependencies that occur in these systems. The School of Rock can run a HaulSim study for your site, providing expert guidance in terms of equipment fleet capability.

The studies are carried out as follows:

  • The first week is used to gather all the relevant data and information from the mine to build a Base Case that is credible, i.e. calibrated with the actual performance of the latest month

  • The Base Case will represent an average day's production during that particular month

  • This Base Case will also show several haulage conditions/standards, e.g. road gradients, narrow areas, high congestion spots, etc., factors affecting the current reality/environment

  • As part of the Base Case an Experimenter simulation is also run, whereby more and more LHD/Trucks are added to the fleet/system, to understand what the maximum capacity of the mine/system is

  • Once the Base Case has been calibrated, the simulations can be conducted based on the Base Case

  • With the simulations, the Base Case is used as reference model, and then only one variable is changed at a time, to understand/quantify what effect every individual variable has on productivity, e.g. reducing shift change by 10 mins, or removing narrow road portions, etc

  • For the second simulation/scenario, the Base Case is used again as reference model, and then another variable is altered, and results recorded

  • The same procedure continues for all the other scenarios

  • With the last scenario, all the improvement initiatives/variables are added together in one simulation to understand the total improvement potential if all the initiatives are implemented

  • Ultimately, a graph will be created to show the effect of each variable/initiative on productivity, which will then prioritize which initiatives should be implemented first

  • Fuel usage is also reported for every simulation to show the effect on fuel consumption as the initiatives are implemented

  • The mine must supply improvement initiatives/opportunities to be simulated 

  • The School of Rock will probably also identify improvement opportunities from the Base Case and simulate if approved                                                

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