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Open Pit

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Block Model Preparation

The block modelling service entails a variety of elements including validation of data, assigning mining classes, up-blocking of geological resource models into mining models, recon with original resource models, block model reporting et al. Dassault Systemes' SURPAC software package is used for this service.

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Whittle Pit Optimisation

The pit optimisation service utilises Dassault Systemes' WHITTLE software package to accurately generate a range of nested pit shells so that the most economically viable pit be selected. The chosen pit shell serves as the foundation of the mine planning cycle so accuracy and practicality are vital elements of this discipline.

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Detail Mine Designs

Utilising the selected Whittle pit shell as foundation, Trimble's Open Pit Design (TOP-D) state-of-the-art mine design software package and Dassault Systemes' SURPAC are used to generate detailed practical pit and waste dump designs. Solids are also created from these designs to be used in the scheduling process.

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Long and Medium Term

This is the discipline mostly used by mines. The information from the block models are married to the mine design solids and haul road network, to generate a medium to long term schedule. This step also includes insight into blending of surface stockpiles and plant outputs. Using RPMGlobal's state-of-the-art Open Pit Metals Solution (OPMS) enables the School of Rock to generate practical and accurate mine schedules quickly and effectively, all the while ensuring clients can defend their mine plans with confidence.

Mine Planning: Service
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it's always essential to ensure that your equipment fleet and road network can actually support the mining schedule in terms of delivering the required tonnes. With RPMGlobal's 3-D Discrete Event Simulation (DES) engine, at its core, HAULSIM is the only mining simulation software that can quantify the impact of changes as the models reflect the complex and dynamic nature of a mine site in its entirety; including the variability, interactions and dependencies that occur in these systems. The School of Rock can run a HaulSim study for your site, providing expert guidance in terms of equipment fleet capability.

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Expert Insight

The SAMREC code requires from public listed companies to submit Resource and Reserve statements annually. The School of Rock has all the necessary credentials to create or review a Reserve statement for listed companies.

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