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Online or in-person

We've found that some mine's executive teams do not necessarily have the necessary mining technical background to make critical decisions. We've also found that occasionally teams get divided on a decision to move forward on a pressing matter, often resulting in the decision being parked for weeks on end until desperation calls for action. Sound familiar...?

These situations occur at every level of the organisation, from the weekly planning meetings, all the way to the strategic meetings. From experience, it's quite effective to have an objective, unbiassed, fresh opinion to aid in the decision making process. In terms of this offering, the first sit-in is on the house - our treat. Don't let pride come in the way, we all need a helping hand every now and then. Give it a consideration, and get in touch if you think this will work for your mine...

The service offering entails the following:

  • The main objective is to help your mine thrive

  • Service includes:

    • Participation in live mining technical/planning meetings​

    • Technical advice/guidance/insight

    • Help with problem solving

    • Access to a network of competent industry experts to provide solutions if needed

  • Meetings can vary from weekly technical/planning meetings to management meetings

  • Always good to have a fresh, objective, unbiassed view

  • Advisory service works on subscription basis:

    • Complimentary first meeting trial - no commitment​

    • Thereafter: 3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions

    • Minimum 10hrs per month - more hours can be negotiated

  • Hourly rate is market related​

  • Non-disclosure agreements recommended

Mine Planning: Service
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