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This service provides universities teaching and lecturing for their under-grad as well as post-grad students. At the Mining Engineering Department of the University of Pretoria, the School of Rock designs tutorial exercises for students to complete by utilising mine planning software , e.g. in the Surface Mine Planning subject students have to create a haul road network model where the pits, dumps, crushers and stockpiles are inter connected, and placement of these elements are evaluated. Another example is in the Surface Mine Design subject students utilise user-friendly software to generate pit and waste dump designs that are then evaluated. These type of tutorials or assignments are usually done in smaller groups, so students not only get to use industry software, but develop their teamwork skills as well, all the while getting to grips with the subject content in a fun and productive way.


As from 2023 the School of Rock has had the privilege of lecturing the post graduate students the subject of Mine Financial Valuation. This module entails an understanding of the factors impacting the profitability of the mine, like methodology, techniques and equipment that is critically important for the efficient design and management of mines, so as to ensure sustainability and profitability.

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