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Built by Liebherr in 2008 at their Colmar factory, France, this machine is ranked as the world's third biggest hydraulic excavator. With a shovel attachment, it weighs in at 810 tonnes, 800 tonnes with just the backhoe. Its undercarriage measures 10.84 meters long and it shovel and backhoe capacities are 42 cubic meters. Maximum crowd and breakout forces for its shovel at 3,900 kN and 2,395 kN respectively. The backhoe has digging and breakout forces of 1,760 kN and 1,980 kN. The machine is powered by two 16 cylinder Cummins QSK60 diesel engines producing 4,000 hp and 1,800 rpm. It can also be powered by two 12 cylinder MTU diesel engines generating 3,820 hp at 1,800 rpm - "".

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