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Are you a mining contractor in the process of negotiating your new contract with the mine, or renewing your contract? Are you 100% confident that your Excel calculations are correct in determining fleet numbers for the contract? What if the distances are beyond what was assumed, will you have enough equipment to sustain the client’s demand? Are your roads accurately set-up in terms of stop signs, single carriage areas, steep gradients, single-bay dumps? What if your equipment availabilities do not materialise as hoped? Do your Excel spreadsheets incorporate these variables? With the HAULSIM simulations you can set up your site accurately to generate realistic results in terms of fleet numbers. The simulations allow you to run a host of possible scenarios, to ensure you understand the flex of your loading & hauling system, and better prepare for possible surprises. Doing a little homework now might just save you years of agony when things don’t pan as out as hoped, this is Mining after-all…

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