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Argyle diamond mine located in the Kimberley region of Western Australia ranks as the world’s biggest diamond mine if JORC reserves alone are taken into account. The recoverable diamond reserve at Argyle as of December 2012 was estimated to be 140Mct (67Mt grading 2.1ct/t diamond). The diamond mine, owned by Rio Tinto, has been in production since 1983. Argyle is currently transitioning from open pit to underground operations to access diamonds at depth. Argyle Underground will be the first block cave mine in Western Australia. At peak production, Argyle Underground is expected to produce 20Mct of diamonds a year, which will make it the largest diamond producing mine in the world. The open pit mine has produced more than 791Mct of diamonds in its life, which the company believes will extend beyond 2020 - Mining Technology.

To view the mine in Google Earth, kindly click on the link below:


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