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The tenth largest excavator operating in the world is the Bucyrus RH 340/RH 340-B. The machine weighs in at 498t and is available for both shovel loading and backhoe operations. The crawler length is 9.23m and the undercarriage width is 7m. The Bucyrus RH 340/RH 340-B has a shovel and backhoe bucket capacity of 34m³. The crowding force and breakout forces of the shovel are 2,240kN and 1,640kN respectively. The tear out and breakout forces of the excavator during backhoe operation are 1,270kN and 1,240kN respectively. The excavators are fitted with either two Cummins K1500E engines with 2,520hp output or two QSK45 diesel engines producing 3,000hp at 1,800rpm - Mining Technology.

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