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THABAZIMBI experiences slope failure In the early hours of Saturday morning on 6 June 2015, the high wall failed, magnitude went further than predicted covering some equipment. The secondary impact of the slope failure was the ejection of water from the pit, which exceeded the catchment volumes of the storm water catchment, and flowed into the Crocodile River. The evacuation was early enough and no lives were lost - Kwevoel. I was a production manager on Thabazimbi mine, and worked there for 7 years. During my tenure at the mine we built the shift-change area, the small white building towards the left of the failure on the picture... The shift supervisors as well as mine overseer's offices were located there as well. You could see all the activities from there. The building contractor called it "CrawleyVille" after my surname. The funny thing is I can still remember the day when myself and the mine overseer stood on the waste dump, and we had to decide on a location where this new shift-change area is going to be built. We actually said to each other: "should this mountain come down one day, how far do you think it will reach?" Forever live Thabazimbi mine! #mining #wellness #living

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