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The School of Rock's mission is to empower organisation's own employees to deliver high quality mine plans and schedules so as to ensure production throughput and sustainable growth in these turbulent times.

The Personalised Training service provides advanced training/coaching suited to individual client's needs. Where the short courses provide fundamental mine planning knowledge while using state-of-the-art mine planning packages, it is the personalised training sessions where clients learn to master the software needed to accomplish a client-specific task, as well as in-depth insight in solving problems. These training sessions are conducted on a one-on-one basis to ensure confidentiality. 


The Personalised Training contact sessions function on an appointment basis, in 1 to 5 day packages. The work is carried out by the client, on the client's computer, using the client's software, and most important of all on the client's data set.

The On-line Personalised Training also function on an appointment basis, in hourly sessions. The client needs the software installed on his/her computer, and by using a conferencing tool control of the client's computer is gained. The client is then showed how to use the software.

This form of training/coaching aims to empower the client by actually understanding how to complete the job him/herself, and completing the next task self.      

The training/coaching includes the following elements, but not limited to:

  • OPMS RESERVER efficient setup

  • OPMS HAULNET efficient setup

  • OPMS SCHEDULER efficient setup

  • Whittle Open Pit Optimisation

  • Whittle Multi-Pit Optimisation

  • Practical Pit Designs and layouts with scenarios

  • Practical Pushback Designs with scenarios

  • Waste Dump Designs with scenarios

  • Solids creation of designs

  • Block Model Reporting of designs

  • Block Modelling

  • Up-Blocking for SMU studies

  • Block Aggregation

  • Block Reserving

  • Hauload Network Setup

  • Cycle time analysis of haulroad network

  • Haulroad Simulation for short term interval 

  • Mine scheduling of ore and waste including scheduling of pushbacks, in-pit dumps, surface dumps, in-pit crushers, surface crushers, stockpiles

  • Monthly Operating Plan Scheduling

  • Medium Term Scheduling

  • Life of Mine Scheduling

  • Exposed Ore quantification

  • Saw-tooth graph setup

  • Strip Ratio quantification

  • Plant Product blending and optimisation

  • Stockpile blending and optimisation

  • Equipment scheduling

  • Truck requirement for schedules

  • Haulage analysis and optimisation

  • Reserve Reporting (Competent Person)


Personalised training unlocks value through the correct and efficient use of Mine Planning software so that accurate results can be generated, instilling confidence in the user when making informed decisions. 


For an appointment, kindly forward your request to: so that arrangement can be made.

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