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Strategic Mining Partner


The School of Rock specialises in all the planning horizons from open pit to underground metalliferous mines. The disciplines of planning span from Block Modelling, Pit Optimisation/Mine Shape Optimising (MSO), Detail Mine Designs/Stope Designs, Detail Mine Schedules, and Reserve Statements. Furthermore, the School of Rock prides itself in conducting the popular haulage simulation (HAULSIM) studies, helping mines optimise their fleet productivity. The sit-in meeting service is a new offering, helping mines stay on track during critical decision making situations. In addition to the consulting services, short courses, software training, and university lecturing is also offered.


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High Quality Solutions

Mine planning services include reserve block modelling, Whittle Pit Optimisation studies, Mine Shape Optimisation (MSO), Open Pit Mine Design, Underground mine design, Short term scheduling, Medium term scheduling, Long term scheduling.

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Open Pit or Underground Simulations

Be it open pit or underground, it's always essential to ensure that your equipment fleet and road network can actually support the mining schedule in terms of delivering the required volumes. Using RPMGlobal's HAULSIM package, the School of Rock can run a HAULSIM study for your site, providing expert guidance in terms of equipment fleet capability.

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Providing objectivity & clarity

Providing a fresh, unbiassed, objective view of the issues at hand, this service help clients stay on track in terms of reaching a common goal. The School of Rock sits in on online meetings and provides guidance to the team in terms of problem solving or decision making situations. 


Competency where you need it most

The School of Rock has a network of resource and reserve competent person specialists that are able to either conduct an external audit for your company, or complete a CP Resource or Reserve report that abides to the code applicable to your country.

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Basic Fundamentals

A wide variety of short courses are presented throughout the year, ranging from mine planning basics, mining economics, truck & loader principles, to bespoke courses designed specifically for the client's needs.

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For your convenience

The online courses from RPMGlobal provides those that cannot attend classroom training the opportunity to gain knowledge in a fun and interactive manner. All courses are complemented with a certificate of completion.

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Step-by-step approach

Be it for a group of employees, or individually, the software training includes Geovia's Surpac and Whittle Pit Optimisation packages, as well as RPMGlobal's packages including OPMS, SMS, UGMS, and HAULSIM.

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Educating the Future

The School of Rock prides itself as a service provider to universities in teaching and lecturing their students, be it undergrad or postgrad. Not only assisting the students, but the department as well in shaping and updating their curriculums to better suit industry requirements. As a practitioner in industry, the knowledge shared of current situations is well received.

SOR Core Strengths:


Quick turnaround

Trust relationship

Network of Specialists

Problemsolving capability

Low overheads

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