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The world pandemic has caused almost every mine on earth to run a multitude of mining schedules in a very short time period, in an effort to strategise for the foreseeable future...

More than ever, the time is now to ensure your scheduling & simulation models are optimally and correctly set up, and that the numbers make sense...

With the model audit/refinement service I check & scrutinise each and every step of your model and adjust or refine the steps as needed to set up an efficient, optimised and updated model. The audited/refined model is then transferred back to you, and the adjustments/refinements/improvements are explained in a comprehensive report. This service is for customers using:

· Open Pit Metals Solution (OPMS)

· Stratigraphic Metals Solution (SMS)

· Haulsim

The model audit/refinement service ensures that your models are checked by an external expert, updated and set up efficiently to ensure optimal performance when running a variety of mining scenarios.

For further details, kindly visit my website at: ""

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