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Rudna, another mine owned by KGHM in the Legnica-Glogów copper belt of Poland, ranks as the sixth biggest silver mine in the world. The copper-silver mine was estimated to contain 357Moz of silver, including 242.8Moz of proven and 114.2Moz of probable silver reserves as of December 2011. It has been operational since 1974 and produced more than 21Moz of silver in 2011. The mine exploits the copper and silver resources of the Rudna mineral deposit. It is an underground mining operation consisting of 11 shafts and 13 mining sections at a depth of 950m to 1,150m. It employs room-and-pillar method with hydraulic backfilling. The extracted ore is sent to the Rudna Concentrator for processing. KGHM plans to mine half of the neighbouring Deep Glogów deposit through the Rudna operation. The reserves of Rudna and 50% of Deep Glogów, if combined, will be 587Moz, making it the third biggest silver mine in the world - "".

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