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The School of Rock specialises in medium to long-term open pit mine planning of iron ore mines as well as other metal commodities. The disciplines of planning span from Block Modelling, Pit Optimisation, Detail Mine Designs, Detail Mine Schedules, and Reserve Statements. Furthermore, the School of Rock provides group courses to help our clients understand the very basics of open pit mine planning, tailor-made training focusing on mastering the software associated to complete a task, and University tuition to help shape the future of the industry.


Agbaou Mine Planning Team June 2019 Clas


Providing Mine Planning training & courses for corporate clients at site

Have a group of employees that need basic training in terms of mine planning software? Or perhaps a refresher course to get those rusty skills oiled up? Or perhaps professional development is the next step for your employees... Be it as it may, the School of Rock prides itself as a preferred service provider in terms of empowering your group of individuals to tailor-made requirements. 



Educating the Youth

The School of Rock prides itself as a service provider to universities in teaching and lecturing their students. Not only assisting the students, but the department as well in shaping and updating their curriculum's to better suit industry requirements. As a practitioner in industry, the knowledge shared of current situations is well received.



For your convenience

The online courses from RPMGlobal provides those that cannot attend classroom training the opportunity to gain knowledge in a fun and interactive manner. All courses are complemented with a certificate of completion.

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Ensuring model perfection

Mining software packages are extremely complicated and technical, and we as mining engineers are only human, which means errors will creep in at some point. Over the years I have learned to appreciate the power of having a second pair of eyes glance over my work, and point out any mistakes. With the model audit/refinement service I check & scrutinise each and every step of the client's model and adjust or refine the steps as needed to set up an efficient, optimised and updated model. The audited/refined model is then transferred back to the client, and the adjustments/refinements/improvements are explained in a comprehensive report.

Making Notes


High Quality Solutions

With years of operational and mine planning experience in the iron ore industry, the School of Rock has the capability and expertise to take your operation to the next level. At the School of Rock, insight and skills are used to transform your processes and strategies, and in turn, your company.



Step-by-step Approach


Attended the short courses and need more? Don't despair, the personalised training sessions are tailor-made around specific needs of individuals. Designed as more of a step-by-step approach, this hands-on type of training helps individuals to master the associated software required to complete an individual-specific task. Furthermore, mentoring and coaching also comes into play to fully understand the complexities of mine planning. 

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Understand The Basics

With the influx of new individuals in the mine planning environment, getting to grips with the basic fundamentals of open pit mine planning is the starting point to deliver high quality results. The short courses are exclusive in that state-of-the-art software are provided by our partners, ensuring the best possible learning experience for our clients.

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